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What is the meaning of being Responsible?

Being responsible or answerable refers to the quality of being accountable, reliable, and trustworthy in one’s actions and decisions. It involves taking ownership of one’s obligations, fulfilling commitments, and making choices that consider the consequences and impact on oneself and others. Liable individuals are conscious of their duties and strive to meet them with integrity and diligence.

Amenable can manifest in various aspects of life, including personal, professional, and social domains. In personal life, it might involve managing one’s time effectively, taking care of oneself and others, and making ethical choices. In a professional setting, responsibility may include meeting work deadlines, delivering quality results, and being accountable for one’s role and contributions to a team or organization. In social interactions, being responsible means considering the well-being of others, respecting rules and norms, and contributing positively to the community.

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Story on Being Responsible

Miss Responsible visits Pintu’s home. He is sin Class lll A. Oh!What does she see? Pintu is not responsible. His mother helps him with his homework.”Whose homework is it?” Miss Responsible wonders and decides to stay in his house.

Next day is a Sunday. His mother is unwell but Pintu does not think about her. He wants everything. His mother takes medicines and cooks for him. Miss Responsible is disappointed by Pintu’s behavior. 

Miss Responsible goes as a visitor to Pintu’s school. She talks to the children. She tells them the importance of accountable. It is easy too. She teaches them to go home and read through lessons, write downk important points quickly and learn them.

Them, she teaches them to prepare a sandwich. It’s simple. Keep the butter out of the refrigerator for sometime. Take a butter-knife to spread butter on the slice of the bread. Give one slice to Mummy, especially if she is unwell. Then give her a glass of water so that she takes her medicines.

Pintu feels sorry for his mother. He goes home. He sits down to study on his own. In the evening, he tells his mother to rest. She looks surprised. He gets up to make sandwiches for everyone. Daddy joins him to cut tomatoes, onions and carrots. Mummy gets rest and feels proud of her responsible son. Miss Responsible is happy but her work is not over. It’s time to visit someone else’s home.

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