Sympathy(A bowl of rice)

Sympathy (A bowl of rice)

caring mom and daughter hugging each other

What is Sympathy?

Sympathy is a feeling of sincere concern for someone who is experiencing something difficult or painful. Empathy involves actively sharing in the person’s emotional experience. Sympathy has been in use since the 16th century. It comes ultimately from the Greek sympathēs, meaning “having common feelings, sympathetic,” which was formed from syn- (“with, together with”) and páthos, “experience, misfortune, emotion, condition.” Empathy was modeled on sympathy; it was coined in the early 20th century as a translation of the German Einfühlung (“feeling-in” or “feeling into”), and was first applied in contexts of philosophy, aesthetics, and psychology. 

king is sitting sad because he needs sympathy or pity

Story - Sympathy (A bowl of rice)

There was a great king. He used to travel in disguise to know directly about the conditions of his countrymen. He would be accompanied by his ministers in disguise.

One day the king wanted to know how kind and compassionate the people of his kingdom were. So he and his ministers disguised themselves as beggars and went to the nearby town.

They reached a rich merchant’s house and raised their bowls and begged for alms. The rich merchant came out of the house and said, “I have nothing to give you. My store caught fire last week and my stock of grains was destroyed. I cannot affort to lose more.”

Hearing this, the king and his men felt sad. They moved to another house of nearby village which was owned by a priest. The priest brought a handful of grains and gave it to the beggars. He said, “I am a poor priest. I have a family of five to feed. Hope this will do you some good.”

The king and his men then moved to a house of another village.

This was the house of a poor farmer. That year there were heavy rains which washed out all the crops and the farmer had suffered huge losses. When he saw the beggars, he came out of his hut and gave them a large  bowl of rice. With folded hands he said, “Oh dear! Please accept this bowl of rice. My wife cooked this for lunch today. But you and your fellowmen look hungry and starved. Please eat this humble meal while I bring glasses of water for you.”

The king wad touched with the compassion of the poor farmer. He thought,”Sympathy is far  greater than gold”. So, he  called him to his court the next day and rewarded him with gold coins which were three times the weight of rice he had offered to them disguised as beggars.

We must help the poor and needy. There is more happiness in giving than in receiving. God loves those who are kind and compassionate.

a bowl of rice full of sympathy

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Being Responsible

Article on Being Responsible

a person which looking like being responsible

What is the meaning of being Responsible?

Being responsible or answerable refers to the quality of being accountable, reliable, and trustworthy in one’s actions and decisions. It involves taking ownership of one’s obligations, fulfilling commitments, and making choices that consider the consequences and impact on oneself and others. Liable individuals are conscious of their duties and strive to meet them with integrity and diligence.

Amenable can manifest in various aspects of life, including personal, professional, and social domains. In personal life, it might involve managing one’s time effectively, taking care of oneself and others, and making ethical choices. In a professional setting, responsibility may include meeting work deadlines, delivering quality results, and being accountable for one’s role and contributions to a team or organization. In social interactions, being responsible means considering the well-being of others, respecting rules and norms, and contributing positively to the community.

a girl with mother is becoming being accountable

Story on Being Responsible

Miss Responsible visits Pintu’s home. He is sin Class lll A. Oh!What does she see? Pintu is not responsible. His mother helps him with his homework.”Whose homework is it?” Miss Responsible wonders and decides to stay in his house.

Next day is a Sunday. His mother is unwell but Pintu does not think about her. He wants everything. His mother takes medicines and cooks for him. Miss Responsible is disappointed by Pintu’s behavior. 

Miss Responsible goes as a visitor to Pintu’s school. She talks to the children. She tells them the importance of accountable. It is easy too. She teaches them to go home and read through lessons, write downk important points quickly and learn them.

Them, she teaches them to prepare a sandwich. It’s simple. Keep the butter out of the refrigerator for sometime. Take a butter-knife to spread butter on the slice of the bread. Give one slice to Mummy, especially if she is unwell. Then give her a glass of water so that she takes her medicines.

Pintu feels sorry for his mother. He goes home. He sits down to study on his own. In the evening, he tells his mother to rest. She looks surprised. He gets up to make sandwiches for everyone. Daddy joins him to cut tomatoes, onions and carrots. Mummy gets rest and feels proud of her responsible son. Miss Responsible is happy but her work is not over. It’s time to visit someone else’s home.

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Being Charitable

Article on Being Charitable

What is the meaning of being charitable or humanitarian?

Being charitable or benevolent refers to the act of showing kindness, goodwill, and generosity toward others, especially those in need. It involves a selfless and voluntary effort to help or contribute to the well-being of individuals, communities, or organizations. Charitable actions can take various forms, such as donating money, providing goods or services, volunteering time and skills, or supporting causes that aim to address social, environmental, or humanitarian issues. The underlying motive is typically driven by empathy and a desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others or to contribute to the betterment of society as a whole. Charitable acts are often associated with compassion, altruism, and a sense of social responsibility.

an old person needs someone which is being charitable.

Story on Being Charitable

Jim is a boy of your age. Once he collected some money in his piggy bank. He wanted to help someone, but nobody needed his help. Daddy smiled and patted his bac. Mummy laughed and kissed his forehead.

Jim went to the playground and discussed the problem  with his friends.His friends Neera advised, “If you really want to  help, then choose a poor person.”

“How will I find a poor person?” asked Jim. To this, Neera said, They are all around us. Can you see that building under construction?  It will soon become a big shopping complex. Look at the poor labourers who are making it. Buy some bread and butter with your money. Take your Granny’s help and feed them .”

Jim thanked Neera for the wonderful idea and went home.”Granny… Granny…” he called out,”I want to help the poor who make buildings for the rich.”Granny smiled when she heard the whole story. She said,”I am proud of you and Neera. I will help you. How much money have you saved, my dear child?” she asked.

Jim replied proudly, ” Two hundred and fifty rupees.”

Granny decided to bring four loaves of bread. Mummy was happy with the idea. She gave jam and butter from the kitchen. Daddy helped to make the sandwiches. Oh! It was so much fun.

Together they went and gave away the sandwiches to all the poor labourers and their families. Jim asked his Daddy,” Why am I feeling so happy? I have never felt like this before.”

Daddy replied,” You are feeling happy because you have learned that real happiness lies in helping the needy.”

Other images of best donors in the world:

being humanitarian person whose name is bill gates

Humanitarian person Bill Gates

Topping the list is Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, who gave $5 billion to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to back the grantmaker’s work in global health, development, policy and advocacy, and US education.

being genious person whose name is ratan tata

Humanitarian person Ratan Tata

Tata is also one of the largest philanthropists in the world, having donated around 60–65% of his income to charity.

being charitable and humanitarian person whose name is george soro

Humanitarian person George Soros

His net worth stands at 8.6 billion US dollars of which he has donated more than 32 billion dollars to his Open Society Foundaations. Mr. Soros has been an active philanthropist since the 1970s,