Sympathy(A bowl of rice)

Sympathy (A bowl of rice)

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What is Sympathy?

Sympathy is a feeling of sincere concern for someone who is experiencing something difficult or painful. Empathy involves actively sharing in the person’s emotional experience. Sympathy has been in use since the 16th century. It comes ultimately from the Greek sympathēs, meaning “having common feelings, sympathetic,” which was formed from syn- (“with, together with”) and páthos, “experience, misfortune, emotion, condition.” Empathy was modeled on sympathy; it was coined in the early 20th century as a translation of the German Einfühlung (“feeling-in” or “feeling into”), and was first applied in contexts of philosophy, aesthetics, and psychology. 

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Story - Sympathy (A bowl of rice)

There was a great king. He used to travel in disguise to know directly about the conditions of his countrymen. He would be accompanied by his ministers in disguise.

One day the king wanted to know how kind and compassionate the people of his kingdom were. So he and his ministers disguised themselves as beggars and went to the nearby town.

They reached a rich merchant’s house and raised their bowls and begged for alms. The rich merchant came out of the house and said, “I have nothing to give you. My store caught fire last week and my stock of grains was destroyed. I cannot affort to lose more.”

Hearing this, the king and his men felt sad. They moved to another house of nearby village which was owned by a priest. The priest brought a handful of grains and gave it to the beggars. He said, “I am a poor priest. I have a family of five to feed. Hope this will do you some good.”

The king and his men then moved to a house of another village.

This was the house of a poor farmer. That year there were heavy rains which washed out all the crops and the farmer had suffered huge losses. When he saw the beggars, he came out of his hut and gave them a large  bowl of rice. With folded hands he said, “Oh dear! Please accept this bowl of rice. My wife cooked this for lunch today. But you and your fellowmen look hungry and starved. Please eat this humble meal while I bring glasses of water for you.”

The king wad touched with the compassion of the poor farmer. He thought,”Sympathy is far  greater than gold”. So, he  called him to his court the next day and rewarded him with gold coins which were three times the weight of rice he had offered to them disguised as beggars.

We must help the poor and needy. There is more happiness in giving than in receiving. God loves those who are kind and compassionate.

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