Love All

The little house had once been filled with happy voices, sweet songs and laughter. Now, it remained silent. The old lady and Sarla di were the only people who lived in it. Sarla di looked after the old lady. While Sarla  di was busy in the kitchen thed old lady sat by the window, watching the days change into nights. She was always sad since the day her husband died two years ago. One day, a little dog strayed inside the house. He was thin and looked very hungry. He went into the old lady’s bedroom, where  she sat in her chair by the window.

 The dog sat in front of the old lady. He looked at her with his sad, dark brown eyes and wagged his tail. Then he stood on his hind legs and waved a paw at her.

“Sarla di,” asked the old lady, ” Whose dog is this?”

“It is a street dog, Ammaji. He is hungry,” answered Sarla di.

Ammaji asked Sarla di to give him a bowl of rice with dal. The dog was very hungry. He lapped up the dal and ate the bowl of rice that Sarla di gave him. Then he started jumping around happily. Then he jumped right onto Ammaji lap. There , he snuggled up and fell asleep.

“He likes you,” said Sarla di.

Ammaji looked down at the little dog. 

Slowly, her hands began to move over the little dpg’s back. She began to pat him.

“You are Tomy. This is your home now,” she whispered.

Tomy was happy. From that day onwards, Ammaji no longer felt lonely. Her house, once again, was filled with happy sounds, with happy sounds, with the joyful bark of Tomy who followed Ammaji around the house.