Hard Work is the key of success

Rohan and Bob were two friends. They were different from each other. Rohan was very hardworking as well as very sincere and Bob was easy going. He would even play and have fun in the classroom. Rohan was always in competition with himself. If his performance in the class would go down, he would work harder and try to give his best.

Bob did not bother. He did not work hard at all. He would say, “I don’t want to trouble¬† myself. Hardwork is a big trouble.” One day, the Principal made an announcement. Some foreigners were to visit the school. He wanted some hardworking and sincere students to decorate the school. He also wanted the students team to organise some cultural programmes for the guests.

The Principal announced the name of the team. Rohan was to be the head because he was the most hardworking boy in the school.

That day, Bob was in a bad mood. He went home and asked his mother, “What fun is this team going to have?”

His mother replied, “More than fun, they will come to know so much about the foreign culture and traditions; it will be a learning experience for them.”

Bob became more upset on hearing this. He said,”The Principal is partial. He should have taken me. I am smarter than Rohan “

To this his mother replied,”No son, Rohan is very hardworking.

Everybody knows that you don’t want to work. Who will trust you?””

Bob realised his weakness. He went to Rohan and asked him for some work. Rehan smiled and said to him,”You are a good painter . Why don’t you make welcome cards? A team of three people is coming from Japan. If the Principal likes your welcome cards, I will recommend your name for the Creative Arts Team, Then, you will get the responsibility to decorate the school with the team.”

Bob got a new life.  He drew and painted the whole night. In the morning, the Principal was very happy to see his work. Bob realised that hard work always gives rewards, happiness and wins admiration from elders.

Bob’s work was loved by the guests. They asked him to give them some tips. Bob was very happy.